A delightful video replica watches interview with

A delightful video replica watches interview with the oldest part of TAG Heuer's legacy - Mr. Jack Heuer - played for us at the 50th anniversary of TAG Heuer's Munich party in Munich. In it, the origins of the Heuer Monaco watch name were revealed. A paraphrased tale by a smiling Mr. Heuer: "Monte-Carlo as the name was taken, but Monaco was helpful and looked pleasant. We agreed it would be a good name for a wristwatch." made because the Monaco watch is a historic appointment in the world of racing chronographs and is also the official partner of the Monaco Grand Prix race.

In fact, the Monegasque clock and the Monaco race only harmoniously united later in their life and are now celebrating the bliss of marriage. Indeed, TAG Heuer's parent company, LVMH, and the region of France that surrounds and includes the principality of Monaco, have an incredibly special relationship. Because? Well, Paris-based LVMH and a large number of trendy luxury brands see themselves as a center of French haute couture culture and prestige. The south of France, along the coast, is the nation's center of luxury. There is no better place for LVMH and its brands to mingle with their customers and clients than at cultural events in Munich. The most important and massive of these is the Monaco Grand Prix.

Now in its 90th year (although there have been no 90 runnings) the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​a defining track on the Formula 1 series circuit. I understand that Formula 1 racing cars are the most expensive in replica watches uk the world. world to build and develop. They are incredibly powerful and built for speed, acceleration and handling on relatively flat tracks. TAG Heuer has a collection of products called Formula 1, but my emphasis here is on the Monaco Grand Prix because, for the moment, Rolex is currently the current sponsor of the Formula 1 title (although it was once Hublot, another brand LVMH).